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Empowering Taxpayers


There are only three months left in 2017, and despite endless promises from politicians in Harrisburg much has been left undone for citizens of our Commonwealth—including a balanced budget.

Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania (CAP) has kept voters up-to-date on issues surrounding the state’s budget, pension reform, spending on frivolous programs, and more this year. We’ve helped taxpayers communicate with members of General Assembly and the Governor as the budget process has dragged on through the summer.

Thanks to CAP’s efforts voters are more in-the-know than ever before. Over 1 million people per month are now seeing our blog posts and related news articles on Facebook

Our job – all day – every day is to focus on the issues that matter to you and your family; those impacting your daily life, and your wallet. The work isn’t glamorous, and we surely aren’t making lots of friends in the Capitol, but the results we’re seeing are worth it.

More than ever citizens are making their voices heard, more than ever we at CAP are dedicated to helping voters hold politicians accountable. Taxpayers have sent over 1000 messages to their elected officials through our email system this year.

As we close out the month of September I hope you’ll consider investing in our work.

Together we can – and will – fight, defend, and protect our Commonwealth, ensuring our brightest days are ahead.


Leo Knepper
CEO, Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania

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