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Health Care Reform

photo-healthcareHealth care is outrageously expensive, and government interference is the primary reason.

State government imposes more than 50 mandates for coverage on an individual’s health insurance policy.

Here’s an analogy that underscores the problem: if health insurance policies were automobiles, Pennsylvanians are forced to purchase a Rolls Royce, even if a Chevrolet is all they need or can afford.

For instance, a single male 20 years of age who is in good health is forced to buy an expensive policy that covers mammograms, certain elements of maternity care, diabetic supplies, and plenty of other maladies and conditions that don’t apply to him. Unless he is wealthy or has employer-provided care, he is likely to forgo health insurance coverage altogether.

CAP champions:

  • Allowing consumers to purchase whatever level of health insurance coverage they need and can afford by opting out of mandates.
  • Giving all consumers maximum choice in determining a deductible for their policy.
  • Creating a high-risk pool for those who can’t get coverage due to a pre-existing condition.
  • Disallowing enrollment in a government health insurance program by anyone who has access to health insurance through an employer.
  • Giving Medicaid-eligible individuals a voucher to use at the health care providers of their choice.
  • Using state powers and authority to fight against any more federal government intrusion, mandates or dictates into our health care system.