Taxation and Spending - Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania

Taxation and Spending

photo-taxPennsylvania is in the minority of states whose power to tax its citizens and spend their money is unlimited. Consequently, Pennsylvania’s rate of state spending growth over the last several years has well exceeded the rates of inflation and population growth—combined!

School districts and county and local governments in Pennsylvania have demonstrated equally troubling tax-and-spend habits. Thus, Pennsylvania now has the 11th heaviest burden of state and local taxation in America, taking 10.2 cents of every dollar earned.

Research shows that high-spending, high-taxing states have significantly less growth in jobs and personal income than their lower-spending, lower-taxing counterparts. The result of out-of-control spending at every level of government in Pennsylvania is that we presently rank 49th in the country in job growth and 42nd in personal income growth.

CAP’s View:

  • Except in emergencies, no government body—state, county, local or school district—should have the power to levy or raise taxes or increase spending at a rate beyond inflation and population growth without the citizens’ approval via voter referendum.
  • Property taxation is inconsistent with the inherent right of property ownership and therefore it should be abolished.