Attention Republicans: Stop Dragging Your Feet - Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania

Attention Republicans: Stop Dragging Your Feet

CAP launches major six-figure TV and radio campaign aimed at state Senators, more to follow

Lemoyne (10.10.11) – Today, Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania (CAP) started a statewide ad campaign targeted at anti-taxpayer legislators who have a history of squandering taxpayer money and siding with left-wing special interest groups. The first rounds of ads are targeted at two of the most liberal Republicans in the state legislature: Senators Pat Vance and Gene Yaw.

Senators Vance and Yaw are classic examples of what is wrong with Republicans in Harrisburg today.  Pat Vance’s consistent support of higher spending, more debt and Gene Yaw’s alliance with trial lawyers are crippling our Commonwealth and its ability to implement pro-growth, pro-taxpayers policies. Pennsylvania taxpayers and employers are waiting for Republicans with their record majorities to enact pro-taxpayer policies and real education reforms that strike at the heart of the government’s monopoly on children’s education.   Furthermore Republicans in Ohio, Wisconsin and New Jersey have had the courage and fortitude to tackle government unions, but unfortunately the Pennsylvania legislature has done nothing to address this issue.

CAP will expand their ad campaign to include other Senators in the weeks to come; with the option of expanding their campaign into the other chamber. If politicians continue to do nothing of substance and try to run out the clock for the remainder of the year, then we will act accordingly.

The people of Pennsylvania deserve a better, more responsive government and the only way we get there is a citizen legislature; not a permanent political aristocracy. CAP needs your help to be successful. We’re looking for more people willing to be involved with our Ben Franklin project, contribute financially to our efforts or just pick up the phone and call their Representative and Senator. I encourage you share this post via facebook or twitter so we can keep more people informed about the work that lies ahead of us to revitalize our Commonwealth.

In Liberty,

Leo Knepper

Executive Director

Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania (CAP)

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