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May 22, 2012

Guest Post: Cesspool of Corruption

May 22, 2012: These are days of shame in Pennsylvania. In just the past couple of weeks a sitting state Supreme Court Justice has been indicted, a state Senator has resigned in the wake of her conviction on corruption charges, a […]
May 16, 2012

More Debt for Taxpayers?

May 16, 2012: Between now and July 1, the major debates in Harrisburg will focus on the general fund budget. On one side, you will have voices calling for responsible budgeting; on the other, there will be voices crying out for […]
May 9, 2012

Is History Repeating Itself in the Senate?

May 9, 2012: Today the Senate passed its version of the 2012-2013 budget, SB 1466. The budget proposal championed by Sen. Jake Corman (R-Centre) adds $500 million to the Governor’s proposed spending levels. While the Governor’s budget reduces spending by $20 million […]
May 7, 2012

Pennsylvania Ranks Eighth Worst State in Country for Business

 May 7, 2012: According to a survey of 650 CEO’s, Pennsylvania is the 8th worst state in the country for business (which is a little confusing because we are 43rd best on the main list). The Commonwealth scores well on workforce […]
May 3, 2012

$183 Million in Taxpayer Money Sitting Around

May 3, 2012: According to an audit report made public yesterday, the House and Senate are sitting on a pile of money, $183.5 million to be exact. This money has accumulated over the years as the Legislature has spent less than […]
April 30, 2012

Analysis: 2012 Primary Election

April 30, 2012: Although the primary election did not result in any seismic shifts in Harrisburg, the outcome of several races should make the members of the political class nervous. One of Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania’s biggest victories was the defeat […]
April 25, 2012

Primary Election 2012

April 25, 2012: We would like to congratulate the following candidates for their hard fought victories in the primary election: Senate: D. Raja (Allegheny County) House: Anne Chapman (Bucks County) Kathy Coder (Allegheny/Beaver County) John McGinnis (Blair County) Rick Saccone (Incumbent, […]
April 23, 2012

Stan Saylor: Majority Whip and Teachers’ Union Lackey

April 23, 2012: The Majority Whip is responsible for determining where members stand when it comes to making votes. In addition, they are supposed to twist arms if needed on “tough” votes and make sure that members vote the right […]
April 20, 2012

Mustio Campaign Hits New Low with Latest Racist Mailer

April 20, 2012: Liberal, union financed Mark Mustio and his campaign consultant, Bonusgate connected Mike Long, have sunk to a new low with their latest campaign mailer (side 1 and side 2). Previous advertisements and mailers have slighted D. Raja for being of Indian decent. […]
April 18, 2012

The Big Labor Wing of the Republican Party

4.18.12: Earlier this week the Post-Gazette published a story highlighting Big Labor’s influence within the Republican Party: “One prominent opponent of weakening the prevailing wage construction law, which has existed since 1961, is Rep. Gene DiGirolama from Bucks County, who has […]
April 11, 2012

CAP PAC Endorses Raja for 37th Senate District

4.11.12: Today the Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania (CAP) Political Action Committee (PAC) announced that they would be supporting D. Raja for the in the race to fill the Senate seat for the 37th district. Mr. Raja’s entrepreneurial spirit and business experience […]
April 5, 2012

A Successful Meet and Greet with a Candidate in Altoona

4.5.12: CAP candidate John McGinnis hosted a meet and greet at the Bavarian Club in Altoona PA. Approximately one-hundred and twenty people attended the April 3rd event. Attendees heard from several speakers including CAP Chairman John Kennedy and CAP supporter […]
March 29, 2012

Senator Dave Argall and Gutter Politics

3.29.12: Senator Dave Argall has mounted a desperate, false campaign against his primary opponent. For a little background, when Sen. Argall was a member of the House of Representatives, he not only voted for the great midnight pay-jacking of 2005 and […]
March 27, 2012

Yes, Senator Vance is Accepting a Pension

3.27.12:  It has come to our attention that Senator Pat Vance is stating that she is not in “legislative” pension system. This most recently occurred at the York Republican Club candidates debate last week. Here is the Right-to-Know request response from SERS […]
March 19, 2012

Even Members of the Media Support Prevailing Wage Repeal

3.19.2012:  The Harrisburg Patriot-News Editorial Board published a great analysis of our state’s “prevailing wage” law. They note: “The mandate adds an extra 5 percent to 30 percent onto the costs of public school, municipal and state building projects compared […]