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Budget Showdown?

Gov. Tom Corbett is holding firm on his promise to veto any state budget that spends one penny above his proposal of $27.3 billion.  The House is backing his play.  The Senate, on the other hand, wants to spend more than Gov. Corbett and the House by tapping into the state surplus (estimated at $506 million).   Gov. Corbett and the House want to use the surplus to bolster our emergency Rainy Day Fund, which was left bone dry by Gov. Rendell, who left no spare nickel unspent.

A spokesman for House Republicans recently had this to say:  “We can’t fall back into the old habits of spending just because we have the money. That’s what got us into the trouble we’ve been in the last few years. We’re talking about controlling spending and living within our means, and that requires that we only spend what’s necessary to operate the essential functions of government.” Hear, hear!

Will there be a budget showdown? If so, it is imperative that Gov. Corbett and the House prevail over the Senate.

What YOU Can Do

Please contact your state legislators today and tell them to support Gov. Corbett’s spending limit.