Can we count on you? - Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania

Can we count on you?

Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania

Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania has had a busy 2019. We launched our new Accountability Index, helped stop a $500 million per year bailout of the nuclear power industry, and worked to make sure taxpayers knew what was happening in Harrisburg.


But there is much work left to be done. As we noted, Democrats have homed in on Pennsylvania, viewing it as the most coveted prize of 2020.


Regardless of what Democrats, or Republicans for that matter, do next year CAP will continue to focus on one thing: empowering the citizens of our Commonwealth with the information necessary to make their voices heard. We will continue to hold Harrisburg accountable and protect your wallet.


Can we count on you to stand with us in this effort?


Please, consider investing $5, $25, $50, or more in CAP’s work before 2019 draws to a close. Any amount you can give helps us keep citizens informed, empowered, and engaged on the issues facing our Commonwealth.


Thank you for your continued support.