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Great Example of What’s Wrong with the Unemployment System

Lemoyne (12.01.11) – Should someone who collected a $900,000 “buy-out” be eligible to collect unemployment benefits?

The commonsense answer is no, but the Pennsylvania answer is yes:

“Apparently the $905,000 in public buyout money wasn’t enough.

Former Philly schools Superintendent Arlene Ackerman, who was paid that queen’s ransom to leave the city, recently applied for unemployment benefits.

The school district confirmed yesterday that Ackerman applied for benefits this month.

Considering her salary of nearly $350,000 in her final tumultuous year leading the district, Ackerman will likely be eligible for $573 a week, the highest weekly benefit provided by the state.” From the Philadelphia Inquirer

Pennsylvania does not offset unemployment benefits when the person collects a severance payment.

As long as the school district doesn’t contest her filing (which it won’t due to the separation agreement), Ms. Ackerman can collect an unemployment check under current state law.

With a system this flawed, is it any wonder our state unemployment system is $3.5 billion in debt, or that we have some of the highest unemployment taxes in the country?

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