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House and Senate Leaders Make Right to Work a Priority (Not in Pennsylvania)

Lemoyne (11.30.11) – The Speaker and President Pro Tempore who are advancing Right to Work are from Indiana, (but wouldn’t it be a great headline here). Not only is the Speaker of their House (Rep. Brian Bosma) making the issue a priority but he is also running advertisements paid for by his campaign committee in support of the issue. The ads explain why it is vital for their state to move away from forced unionism:

“Indiana is the envy of the Midwest at job creation. But economic development experts say we can and we must do more. . . . In the next session of the Indiana legislature, we will vote to make Indiana the 23rd right to work state in America. We have to remove every barrier to job creation to give Hoosiers freedom and economic opportunity.” According to the Indy Star.

Unfortunately Pennsylvania is not the envy of Northeastern job creation. Our state actually ranks pretty close to the bottom of most measures of business friendliness.

However, Right to Work is not something that our Legislature would even have to sell to voters. A recent Manhattan Institute study found that 72% of Pennsylvanians favor adoption of right to work laws in our state. That’s right nearly three quarters of the state believes we should end forced unionization and give people the right to choose if they want union representation.

Unfortunately, the package of Right to Work being considered in the House has not even been brought up for a vote in the Labor Committee. So it is unlikely that the legislation will even see the light of day until after next year’s election (despite a hearing on the legislation that made a nice dog and pony show).

The kind of leadership being shown in Indiana is exactly what Pennsylvania needs. This is why CAP launched the Ben Franklin Project; 2012 isn’t too far away. Employers and entrepreneurs must now consider serving in the General Assembly in order to make right to work a reality in Pennsylvania. With the help of CAP’s supporters we can elect Representatives and Senators who are interested in doing what’s best for taxpayers and not kowtowing to union bosses.

(As an interesting aside, Indiana is a part-time legislature. Representatives receive less than $12,000/year as a salary. Pennsylvania’s Representatives on the other hand will see their salaries increase to an obscene $81,000/year; so much for getting what you pay for.)

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