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How Entrepreneurs and Job Creators Can Register Voters

How Employers Can Register Voters

Professional sports teams and major corporations have started to partner with various national organizations, many of them far-left, to register voters. This emerging trend made the CAP team wonder how small businesses or even individuals could help register voters.

As far as we could find, there wasn’t much in the way of resources available from the Pennsylvania Department of State geared toward job creators. However, CAP would like to share some of the information that we found. (A note to employers: any attempt you make to register your employees must be non-partisan. Do NOT attempt to convince them to register with one party or another.)

The simplest way to register voters in Pennsylvania is to provide them with a link to the Department of State’s online registration portal. Bear in mind, providing the link won’t be particularly useful if it is a once and done communication. Instead, all of the research we looked at noted that encouraging employees to vote should be part of a broader effort to promote civic responsibility.

As of September 1, 2020, the deadline to register to vote and cast a vote in Pennsylvania’s November elections is October 19. That deadline may change due to ongoing negotiations between the General Assembly and the Governor’s office. If you plan on encouraging anyone to vote, your best bet is to get started immediately and encourage them to register ASAP.