Key Vote Alert: Senate to vote Monday on Fair Share Act (Lawsuit Reform) - Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania

Key Vote Alert: Senate to vote Monday on Fair Share Act (Lawsuit Reform)

On Monday, the Senate is scheduled to vote on a very important lawsuit reform measure–Sen. Jake Corman’s Fair Share Act–which would abolish “joint and several liability”, also known as the “deep pocket” rule, and institute proportional liability.

Under the current “deep pocket” rule, a co-defendant can be made to pay the entire amount of monetary damages awarded  by a jury to a plaintiff, regardless of the co-defendant’s level of fault.  For instance, if a jury awards a plaintiff $1 million, and co-defendant John Doe is found by the jury to be 10 percent at fault, while co-defendant Susie Smith is found to be 90 percent at fault, John Doe can be made to pay the full $1 million in damages simply because he has the “deep pockets.”  Under Sen. Corman’s Fair Share Act, John Doe would only have to pay 10 percent of the damages, or $100,000, because he was found only 10 percent at fault.

The current lawsuit abuse in Pennsylvania chases entrepreneurs to states that have already enacted common-sense legal reform, and it imposes a hidden legal tax on goods and services that all taxpayers consume.

ACTION ITEM:  Please contact the following Senators and encourage them to support the Corman Fair Share Act:

Sen. Gene Yaw: (570) 322-6457
Sen. John Pippy:   (412) 262-2260
Sen. Rich Alloway:  (717) 264-6100
Sen. Pat Browne: (610) 821-8468