Making the Tough Calls | Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania

Making the tough calls

making the tough calls

Someone has to call out power-hungry elected officials.

Since our inception, Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania has proven time and again our willingness to do just that. Rather than cozying up to lawmakers – even those we’ve supported – we believe our allegiance belongs to you: the taxpayer.

Most recently we’ve found ourselves on opposite sides of the budget battle from Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf. To put it bluntly, Wolf’s most recent proposed budget was a disaster:

  • Wolf believes taxpayers should spend more money on public education, while we think more accountability should precede any additional funds from taxpayers.
  • Wolf wants to levy an additional natural gas tax on our state’s energy producers but fails to consider the fact that these businesses already pay a corporate net income tax which just so happens to be the second highest in the nation.
  • Wolf wants a higher mandatory minimum wage, whereas we believe he would be better served reducing regulations thus encouraging businesses to reinvest in their employees and create more jobs.

The fact that we’ve made our opposition known to citizens across the state means many in Harrisburg, including our Governor, aren’t happy with CAP. But it’s not our job to be liked; it’s our job to empower the people of Pennsylvania.

Please, make an investment in the future of Pennsylvania today.