April 9, 2021
charter schools

Charter Schools: Teachers’ Unions Favorite Boogeyman

It's well past time Gov. Wolf recognizes the value of charter schools and stops demonizing their importance to the Pennsylvania school funding formula.
April 2, 2021
Vote yes on both proposed amendments on May 18.

On May 18th, Voters Have a Chance to Protect Lives and Livelihoods

Gov. Wolf did his best to confuse voters and obfuscate the language of two proposed amendments that would check his power during an emergency declaration. Fight back by voting "YES" on May 18.
March 29, 2021
transportation funding

Guest Post: Taking Taxpayers for a Ride

Gov. Tom Wolf's move to completely restructure and overhaul Pennsylvania's transportation funding formula may sound like a good idea, but given his poor track record, we're skeptical.
March 22, 2021
One year later, and Gov. Wolf has managed to flatten PA's economy, nursing homes, job growth, and public school system.

Fourteen Days to Flatten the Curve: One Year Later It’s Been a Different Disaster

One year later, and it appears Gov. Wolf has only managed to flatten Pennsylvania's economy, job growth, nursing home population, and public school system.
March 12, 2021
election integrity

Election Integrity: What has the PA House Learned about 2020?

Pennsylvania's election integrity is a big issue in the Legislature this year. Our recent discussion with House State Government Committee Chairman Seth Grove offered some interesting insights but also revealed just how much more we need to know.
March 5, 2021
Senator and Mrs. Regan and Sen. Jake Corman

You’re Right; Politicians Don’t Care What You Think

With Mrs. Regan's recent appointment to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, the windfall collected by Sen. Mike Regan and his wife now totals over a quarter-million dollars a year. All thanks to Sen. Jake Corman and political nepotism.
March 3, 2021
The Green New Deal is coming to PA by way of the RGGI

RGGI: A Green New Deal Closer to Home

If you like the Green New Deal's plan to dismantle the nation's fossil-fuel-based economy, you'll love Gov. Wolf's plan to do the same thing here in Pennsylvania. Take action to stop Wolf from entering the Commonwealth into the misguided Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).
February 23, 2021
Tragic and avoidable nursing home deaths in New York and Pennsylvania

Guest Post: It’s Time to Hold Tom Wolf Accountable

The tragic and avoidable nursing home deaths that occurred in New York and Pennsylvania can now be laid squarely at the feet of their governors.
February 17, 2021
Russ Diamond's bill would lower judicial corruption. Is it any wonder that special interests hate it?

Guest Post: Minimizing Opportunities for Judicial Corruption

Who wouldn't like a bill that lowers judicial corruption and increases the gender, demographic, and geographic diversity of our appellate courts? Special interests in Harrisburg, that's who.
February 10, 2021
Tom Wolf's Budget Proposal

Governor Wolf’s Budget Proposal Demonstrates Disconnect from Reality

Gov. Wolf's latest budget proposal, featuring a new natural gas extraction tax, a minimum wage increase, and a massive income tax hike, is completely divorced from reality. He apparently thinks tax money just falls from the sky.
January 29, 2021
Taking Back PA

Taking Back PA: Legislative Progress

The move to take back Pennsylvania and restore the proper checks and balances to state government begins with removing the unilateral dictatorial authority of the governor.
January 25, 2021
Leo and Lowman Henry

Constitutional Amendments to Take Back PA

CAP CEO Leo Knepper sits down with Lincoln Institute Chairman & CEO and frequent guest contributor Lowman Henry to discuss the constitutional amendments currently under review to reign in Governor Wolf’s emergency declarations as well as potential changes to the Pennsylvania judiciary.
January 15, 2021
Speaker Plaques

The State of Corruption

The removal of the plaques on the portraits of the Commonwealth's former state House Speakers effectively rewrites the history of Pennsylvania's political corruption in their favor. Click below to take action and call on Speaker Bryan Cutler to return the plaques and restore dignity to the people's House.
January 12, 2021
The Time Has Come to Take Back PA

Guest Post: Take Back PA

After Gov. Wolf's extra-constitutional power grab during the COVID-19 pandemic, the time has come for the people of Pennsylvania to “institute a new government” protective of our rights. The time has come to take back PA. 
January 4, 2021
Leo Knepper and Senator Doug Mastriano

Interview with Sen. Doug Mastriano

CAP CEO Leo Knepper sits down with state Senator Doug Mastriano (R-33) to discuss the 2020 General Election in Pennsylvania and other issues facing the Commonwealth.