April 4, 2011

Your Action Needed on Senate Bill 1

Senate Bill 1 — The Opportunity Scholarship Act — will soon face its next major hurdles, which are a vote in the Senate Appropriations Committee followed by a vote by the full Senate. Several key Republican Senators are still undecided, and they […]
March 16, 2011

Pennsylvania Leadership Conference Is Worth Attending

Whatever your level of interest or involvement in politics or government is, you’ll want to attend the 2011 Pennsylvania Leadership Conference (PLC).  This is our Commonwealth’s annual premier gathering for grassroots activists, policymakers, candidates for office, and just simply those who […]
March 10, 2011

CAP to Rep. Geist: Lead, Follow, or Retire

HARRISBURG (3.10.11) – Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania (CAP) today rebuked state Rep. Rick Geist (R-Altoona) for stating that Gov. Tom Corbett’s proposal to get rid of WAMs is “unrealistic,” and not signing on to the “No WAMs” Pledge. “The only […]
March 7, 2011

Kudos to Gov. Corbett for Helping Job Creators

Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania (CAP) lauds Gov. Tom Corbett for approving tax rules that are fair to employers and will result in economic expansion, i.e. more Pennsylvanians having a good-paying job. Specifically, under Gov. Corbett’s reform, an employer can deduct expenses from his business tax burden in one […]