PA House: Time to act on issues of substance, not show. - Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania

PA House: Time to act on issues of substance, not show.

CAP launches statewide TV and radio ad buys against House members; more Representatives to be added next week and the subsequent weeks. Ad campaign to last until at least until Christmas.

Lemoyne (11.14.11) – As of November 14th there are twelve days left on the House’s legislative calendar for 2011 and there is a lot left for the House to accomplish: school choice, liquor store privatization, prevailing wage reform and right-to-work just to name a few issues.

According to CAP Executive Director Leo Knepper, “This first round of ads targeting House members exposes some ‘so-called’ conservative members’ less than stellar voting records. We hope that by highlighting some of their more egregious votes it might motivate them to consider what the tax-payers of this state want to see accomplished this year. There are a number of pro-taxpayer, pro-growth measures that need to be addressed with some expediency. For example, the Senate voted on and passed SB 1 so the school choice ball is in the House’s court. School choice is a priority for the Governor, and for many people in Pennsylvania.”

The advertisements will start immediately and are targeted at Representatives Jim Marshall, Ron Miller and Bernie O’Neill. Representatives Marshall and O’Neill have a long track record of supporting massive borrowing and liberal spending practices including their more recent support of borrowing money to finance wasteful pork projects that then Gov. Ed Rendell lobbied for.

Representative Miller is a more egregious case, who has enriched himself personally at tax-payers’ expense. In 2001 he voted to increase his own pension by more than 50% and has continued that profligacy to the present by supporting the same. Furthermore, Representative Miller who heads the House Labor Committee is currently sitting on a package of right-to-work legislation that would end forced unionism in Pennsylvania.

“The Labor Committee held hearings on this legislation in August but has yet to vote on the right-to-work package. At the time of hearing Representative Miller stated that advancing right-to-work legislation was not a priority for him. However, it is a priority for many Commonwealth voters and other Representatives; until it comes out of committee the people of Pennsylvania are stuck with the status quo. Tax-payers deserve to know who supports the freedom not to join a union and still hold a job. Unless the hearing was just a dog and pony show just to waste the time of those who offered testimony, it is past time for the Labor Committee to vote on the measure.” Knepper explains.

A second round of advertisements is slated to begin next week; additional details on targeted districts will be made available at that time.  The ad campaign is slated to run until Christmas break with new Representatives targeted as the situation unfolds.

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