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Pennsylvania in the Spotlight

Pennsylvania spotlight

Pennsylvania has been at the epicenter of the national political discussion for much of 2018.

Special elections, redistricting, and predictions of a “blue wave” have all kept the national media focused on what’s happening in the Commonwealth. And trust us, this is only the beginning.

That’s why we’ve been working in the trenches to push back against the attacks from those – who despite not living here – seek to influence Pennsylvania.

Take for example the well-publicized redistricting fight. Any honest broker has to admit justices, in this case, have given themselves power the State Constitution clearly doesn’t, participating in one of the most egregious examples of judicial overreach in our state’s history. The response from the national media? Crickets.

Fortunately, CAP-supported members of the legislature are taking action. State Rep. Chris Dush introduced articles of impeachment against the justices, an effort that has drawn the ire of many in the media. These are the types of individuals CAP invests in, those who will fight even when it’s not easy to do so.

The drumbeat by liberals and the media to keep a laser focus on Pennsylvania will only increase. CAP correctly predicted this would be the case at the end of last year.

That means we must continue to be vigilant in our efforts, defending the gains we’ve made while also strategically going on the offensive. CAP’s efforts aren’t about changing the minds of those in the media, but rather informing and educating the citizens of our Commonwealth so they can see through the lies.

Will you invest in CAP’s efforts of combatting those who would push Pennsylvania left?

For better or worse, the national media’s blinding spotlight is on our Commonwealth; let’s work together to make sure citizens can see through it.