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July 20, 2020
Harrisburg Swamp
Harrisburg Swamp Benefits from Coronavirus Loans
July 30, 2020

Shutdown Hall of Shame

The following members of the General Assembly voted against a bipartisan effort to end Governor Tom Wolf’s disaster declaration.


John Blake-D

22nd District

Lisa Boscola-D

18th District

Maria Collett-D

12th District

Jay Costa-D

43rd District

Andrew Dinniman-D

19th District

Lawrence Farnese-D

1st District

Wayne Fontana-D

42nd District

Art Haywood-D

4th District

Vincent Hughes-D

7th District

Pam Iovino-D

37th District

Timothy Kearney-D

26th District

Daylin Leach-D

17th District

Katie Muth-D

44th District

John Sabatina-D

5th District

Steven Santarsierio-D

10th District

Sharif Street-D

3rd District


Kevin Boyle-D

172nd District

Matthew Bradford-D

70th District

Tim Briggs-D

149th District

Donna Bullock-D

195th District

Danilo Burgos-D

197th District

Thomas Caltagirone-D

127th District

Mike Carroll-D

118th District

Morgan Cephas-D

192nd District

Joe Ciresi-D

146th District

Carolyn Comitta-D

156th District

Angel Cruz-D

180th District

Mary Daley-D

148th District

Margo Davidson-D

164th District

Austin Davis-D

35th District

Tina Davis-D

141st District

Jason Dawkins-D

179th District

Daniel Deasy-D

27th District

Pamela DeLissio-D

194th District

Dave Delloso-D

162nd District

Anthony DeLuca-D

32nd District

Frank Dermody-D

33rd District

Maria Donatucci-D

185th District

Michael Driscoll-D

173rd District

Elizabeth Fiedler-D

184th District

Isabella Fitzgerald-D

203rd District

Marty Flynn-D

113th District

Dan Frankel-D

23rd District

Robert Freeman-D

136th District

Ed Gainey-D

24th District

John Galloway-D

140th District

Neal Goodman-D

123rd District

G. Green-D

190th District

Liz Hanbidge-D

61st District

Jordan Harris-D

186th District

Carol Hill-Evans-D

95th District

Joseph Hohenstein-D

177th District

Kristine Howard-D

167th District

Sara Innamorato-D

21st District

MaryLouise Isaacson-D

175th District

Malcolm Kenyatta-D

181st District

Patty Kim-D

103rd District

Stephen Kinsey-D

201st District

Brian Kirkland-D

159th District

Bridget Kosierowski-D

114th District

Leanne Krueger-D

161st District

Summer Lee-D

34th District

Mark Longietti-D

7th District

Maureen Madden-D

115th District

Steven Malagari-D

53rd District

Robert Matzie-D

16th District

Stephen McCarter-D

154th District

Joanna McClinton-D

191st District

Jeanne McNeill-D

133rd District

Dan Miller-D

42nd District

Kyle Mullins-D

112th District

Ed Neilson-D

174th District

Jennifer O’Mara-D

165th District

Danielle Otten-D

155th District

Eddie Pashinski-D

121st District

Christopher Rabb-D

200th District

Adam Ravenstahl-D

20th District

James Roebuck-D

188th District

Mark Rozzi-D

126th District

Chris Sainato-D

9th District

Steve Samuelson-D

135th District

Benjamin Sanchez-D

153rd District

Christina Sappey-D

158th District

Michael Schlossberg-D

132nd District

Peter Schweyer-D

22nd District

Melissa Shusterman-D

157th District

Brian Sims-D

182nd District

Jared Solomon-D

202nd District

P. Sturla-D

96th District

Wendy Ullman-D

143rd District

Greg Vitali-D

166th District

Perry Warren-D

31st District

Joe Webster-D

150th District

Jake Wheatley-D

19th District

Dan Williams-D

74th District

Rosita Youngblood-D

198th District

Michael Zabel-D

163rd District