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Small Buisness Owners Overlooked in Demonstrations

Lemoyne (10.11.11) – ‘Occupy Wall Street’ is making its presence known across the country, including right here in Pennsylvania. Despite all the noise, the movement is discounting the very backbone to which this state, and country, was established – through small businesses.

Described as a comparable liberal version to the ‘Tea Party,’ an overlooked and highly criticized movement that unseated state to national representation during 2010 mid-term elections, this new uprising is just another reminder of how big government has failed a free-market system and has prevented small businesses to flourish. Clamped down by nonsensical regulations, big business and big government practices have shattered the growth of small-business, private sector jobs, where a majority of Americans work and earn their pay.

The silent majority in reality are groups like Chamber of Commerce and NFIB. The real questions at issue here are, how do we get government off the backs of small business owners, and how can business owners survive when they are expected to pay for the burdens government has placed on them? The idea is not to make government bigger, but to downsize and eliminate unnecessary taxes or fees that pay for excessive government salary increases and pension packages.

Public employee unions that force taxpayer-funded demands, appear to have joined on board with the Occupy Wall Street movement. Pennsylvania is not a ‘Right-to-Work’ state, but most of its residents prefer that to change. A poll of 400 Pennsylvanians, conducted by Douglas E. Schoen, LLC for the Manhattan Institute, found that 72 percent of those polled want a “Right to Work” state.
Solutions to our fiscal crisis is simply based on states’ leadership. Leaders who make reasonable cuts in state spending levels during perilous economic times; refuse outlandish pension plans; and sound the alarm on misleading legislation, need to join in the fight. Read the list of demands cobbled together by ‘Occupy Wall Street’, here.
The lure of flashy sound bites, and inciting anger; using youth and downtrodden unemployed, is the only political maneuver leaders like former Green Jobs Czar Van Jones has left. Uniting protesters haven’t decided what they are fighting about, yet. Not once, in all this uproar, is there a mention of the rule of law or constitution. Does it leave you concerned about the type of tactics the left will use during the 2012 general election?
Pennsylvania needs quality leadership. Explore the rest of website and you may well find like-mindedness and find answers you are seeking. Be part of a Pennsylvania comeback. Find out the facts for yourself, and in turn, help people who are hurting, misled, and fighting for their quality of life back.

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