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January 17, 2012
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February 2, 2012

Taxpayer Contribution to Pensions to Triple

Lemoyne (1.30.12) – A number of news outlets have started to report about the drastic contribution spike taxpayers will be forced to make Pennsylvania’s woefully underfunded pension system.

From the Pittsburgh Tribune Review:

“The Corbett administration is projecting that its school employee pension obligations will rise by $320 million next year — or more than 50 percent — after more than doubling in this fiscal year.

Rising pension obligations are being driven, in part, by lackluster investment performance on the money being paid into the system and a 2001 law under then-Gov. Tom Ridge that guaranteed 50 percent pension increases for most legislators and 25 percent increases for more than 300,000 state workers and teachers.

This won’t be the last time school districts must wrestle with pension costs: The school employees’ retirement system estimates that the cost to the state and school districts will triple in four years and then stay at that level until 2035.”

And, yes you read that correctly.

In 2001, members of the legislature voted to increase their own pensions by 50 percent and that of state workers by 25 percent. This generosity and an unwillingness to pay for it, has left the state pension underfunded by between $13.7 billion and $114 billion depending on who you ask. To put those astronomical numbers into perspective, it will cost every household in Pennsylvania $1500 per year just to fund the pension. (The PA Independent has a great round up of some of the other figures.)

As your property taxes and other state taxes explode over the next few years, it is important for you to know who to “thank” for voting to increase their own and public employee pensions. To save you the trouble of sifting through the 2001 House and Senate Journal for the Act 9 (HB 26), here are the respective “AYE” votes:


Adolph Donatucci Lynch Saylor
Allen Eachus Maher Schroder
Argall Egolf Maitland Schuler
Armstrong Evans, D. Major Semmel
Baker, J. Evans, J. Manderino Shaner
Baker, M. Fairchild Markosek Smith, B.
Bard Feese Marsico Smith, S. H.
Barley Fichter Mayernik Solobay
Barrar Fleagle McCall Staback
Bebko-Jones Flick McGeehan Stairs
Belardi Forcier McGill Steil
Belfanti Freeman McIlhatten Stern
Benninghoff Gabig McIlhinney Stetler
Birmelin Gannon Melio Stevenson, R.
Bishop Geist Michlovic Stevenson, T.
Blaum George Micozzie Strittmatter
Boyes Godshall Miller, R. Sturla
Browne Gruitza Miller, S. Surra
Bunt Haluska Myers Tangretti
Butkovitz Hanna Nailor Taylor, E.Z.
Buxton Harhai O’Brien Taylor, J.
Caltagirone Harhart Oliver Thomas
Cappelli Hasay Perzel Tigue
Cawley Hennessey Petrone Trello
Civera Herman Phillips Trich
Clark Hershey Pickett Tulli
Clymer Hess Pippy Veon
Cohen, L.I. Horsey Pistella Walko
Cohen, M. Hutchinson Preston Washington
Colafella Jadlowiec Raymond Waters
Coleman James Readshaw Watson
Cornell Josephs Reinard Williams, C.
Corrigan Kaiser Rieger Williams, J.
Costa Keller Roberts Wilt
Coy Kenney Robinson Wogan
Creighton Kirkland Roebuck Wojnarski
Cruz Krebs Rohrer Wright
Curry LaGrotta Rooney Yewicic
Daley Laughlin Ross Youngblood
Dally Lederer Rubley Zimmerman
DeLuca Leh Ruffing Zug
Dermody Lescovitz Sainato
De Weese Levdansky Santoni
DiGirolamo Lewis Sather
Diven Lucyk Speaker Ryan



Bell Helfrick Mellow Tartaglione
Bodack Holl Mowery Thompson
Brightbill Hughes Murphy Tilghman
Conti Jubelirer Musto Tomlinson
Corman Kasunic O’Pake Wagner
Costa Kukovich Punt White, Mary Jo
Erickson LaValle Rhoades Williams
Fumo Lemmond Robbins Wozniak
Gerlach Logan Scarnati
Greenleaf Madigan Stout

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