Want to pay more to fill your gas tank? - Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania

Want to pay more to fill your gas tank?

If you’re worried that gasoline prices have dropped to far state Senator Jake Corman has a plan for you. He is proposing legislation to lift the maximum that can be charged on the wholesale gasoline tax. According to a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette report:

“…the current per-gallon tax would be 13.8 cents higher for gasoline and 18.7 cents higher for diesel. The plan phases out the cap over five years. Some or all of the increase could be passed along to drivers at the pump.”

You can bet that all of the tax will get passed onto you at the pump.

And, it gets “better” from there because he’s also proposing legislation to increase the fees we pay. For vehicle registration and driver’s licenses:

“Adjusting it for inflation that has occurred since then would take it from the current $36 per year to $49. A similar adjustment in the cost of renewing a driver’s license would move it from the current $29.50 for four years to $34.50.”

This is our problem in a nut shell, rather than focusing on reducing costs for projects by addressing prevailing wage and other regulatory hurdles, our intrepid Senators are focus on increasing the amount of money they can take from taxpayers.