We’ve Launched a Radio Ad Campaign to Stop a $500 Million Bailout - Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania

We’ve Launched a Radio Ad Campaign to Stop a $500 Million Bailout

Nuclear Power

In February, we told you about the latest attempt by the nuclear power industry to have Pennsylvanians subsidize their operations. We have learned some additional details since then, and seen legislation proposed and introduced by their enablers. This version of the bailout would force consumers to subsidize nuclear power plants by requiring electric companies to purchase a certain percentage of their power from nuclear plants.

The proposed bailout will cost consumers $500 million per year. We will be forced via our electric bill to subsidize profitable power producers. It is appalling that legislation like this is being considered. We have also heard from multiple sources that absent the passage of standalone legislation, attempts may be made to sneak the bailout into changes to the fiscal code, or other must-pass legislation.

In response to the latest effort by nuclear power plant operators to force consumers to subsidize their operations, Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania (CAP) has launched a radio advertisement campaign designed to inform consumers in select legislative districts. The radio advertisements are currently targeting Sen. Ryan Aument and Rep. Stan Saylor. (The list of targeted lawmakers may change as the campaign continues.)

We would also encourage you to take action by emailing your members of the general assembly. To make your contact as easy as possible, we have updated our legislative action page to include an email on the proposed bailout. Lobbyists for the nuclear power industry are working overtime on this bailout. If you want to stop it, here is an opportunity to make your voice heard.

Please, take a moment to contact your Representative and Senator. Tell them you oppose bailing out yet another industry.