Who is he? - Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania

Who is he?

“He likes to spend money, he likes to borrow money, and he’s not afraid to increase taxes…”

That less than glowing description, from a Pittsburgh Tribune article, is how Rep. Mike Turzai describes Joe Scarnati the President Pro Tempore of the Senate and fellow Republican.

As the top member of leadership in the Senate, the buck largely stops with Senator Scarnati and the lack of progress in moving conservative legislation like right-to-work, voter ID and school choice falls at his feet. Furthermore, Senator Scarnati and other Senate Republicans actually tried to hold up this year’s budget because they wanted to spend more money despite the fact that Pennsylvania has structural deficits due to overpromising on generous pensions for themselves and other state employees.

The Senate would do well to follow the House’s example and get on with advancing a pro-growth, pro-taxpayer agenda and worry less about how to extract more money from the people of PA.