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You Have the Power


The May Primary Elections are right around the corner, which means voters have an opportunity to make their voices heard.

At no time do citizens have more power than leading up to an election. It’s the people’s opportunity to get those running for office on the record.

To many, campaign promises are just things one says to get elected – but not to Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania. We firmly believe if someone seeking elected office says they’ll do something, they better do it.

That’s why CAP’s political action committee is already at work helping voters understand who is – and is not – on the side of taxpayers.

Want an example? Look no further than Senator Randy Vulakovich. He campaigns as a conservative, yet sides with Gov. Tom Wolf and Democrats by voting for massive tax increases.

Liberal Senate leadership is pouring money into Vulakovich’s campaign to protect him. Why? Because if he loses, the establishment loses too. If they cannot protect lawmakers who sellout their constituents, they’ll have a harder time getting other Republican lawmakers to vote for liberal policies in the future.

That’s why the May Primary Election is so important, and it’s why CAP needs your support right now.

Will you consider investing in our work of removing from office those politicians who lie to their constituents?

Election season is the time when voters have the most power, help us make sure the citizens of our Commonwealth take advantage of it!


Leo Knepper
CEO, Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania