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Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania (CAP) is an independent, non-profit organization founded to raise the standard of living of all Pennsylvanians by restoring the Constitutional principles of limited government, economic freedom, and personal responsibility.

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Even The Media Recognizes CAP's Impact

The Enforcers

Another factor is the emergence of outside interest groups like the Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania that have actively pledged to elect more doctrinaire Republicans to replace those who stray from their definition of party principles…That's a stark contrast to the last period of divided government in PA, when the bigger external factor for many House Republicans, was picking a fight with Rendell.

--Harrisburg Patriot-News, January 7, 2016

CAP NewsBlog

November 13, 2018
general election

Guest Post: Bluer Blue, Redder red

On the surface it would appear the power dynamic in Pennsylvania state government changed little as a result of last week’s General Election. Not quite.
November 8, 2018
2018 general election

Analysis: 2018 General Election

CAP Chief Executive Officer Leo Knepper sat down with Lowman Henry on the Lincoln Radio Journal. They provide a brief overview of the 2018 General Election results in Pennsylvania. Click below to listen to the audio.  
October 31, 2018
immoral approach to poverty

Guest Post: Tom Wolf’s Immoral Approach to Poverty

Governor Tom Wolf vetoed the bill that would have created a pathway to prosperity for thousands of Pennsylvanians because of his fidelity to an immoral belief in perpetual government dependency.